"I bought and downloaded the audio version because I was dying to see how it came out. I have to say I was a little nervous about it. The narrator can build or destroy a book on audio, and what if I didn't like this one?

I needn't have worried. The narrator for the entire Silent Empire series is P.J. Ochlan, and he's awesome! He even gave Kendi an Australian accent. The voice he gave Ben is pitch perfect, exactly the way I imagined him in my head. It melts my heart, to tell you the truth. I lived with Kendi and Ben and Ara for years, and they became in a way very real to me. I miss them terribly, and would love to write more books about them. Hearing their voices on an audio book made me unexpectedly ache for my Silent Empire people again, and it's a testimony to Mr. Ochlan's narration.
Several sections made me shout and cry and rewind so I could listen again. I loved it."

                                   ​- author steven harper

"Very funny.”

                                   ​- los angeles times

“DIALECT KING P.J. Ochlan’s side job as a dialect coach serves him well…he dazzles with half a dozen or so different spot-on accents."

                                  ​​ - STAGE SCENE L.A.

“Every scene he’s in you focus on him…God, he’s good!”

                                   ​- larry king

"Shining brightest...P.J. Ochlan…maximizing the best running sight and sound gag ever."

                                   ​- Examiner.com


"Ochlan nails both the accents and the personalities...

Ochlan's performance is a huge win for listeners."

                                   ​- Audiofile magazine

"In previous audio productions, I have always used a traditional British narrator for my Sherlock Holmes mysteries. At first glance, I must admit I was a little hesitant to bring in an American actor and narrator to play these types of parts. After listening to P.J.'s performance on other audios, I was extremely impressed with his versatility of assorted accents.

The end result was astounding, I nearly fell off my chair when I listened to the finished audio. Each accent was spot on, just how I imagined it to be. His narration of Holmes was played with excellence, and Watson was precisely as I imagined him to be. The other ancillary character voices throughout the stories were phenomenal to say the least. Each character was unique and the voices complemented each other perfectly. Well done, P.J.​"

                                   ​- author pennie mae cartawick

“Hilariously obnoxious.”

                                   ​- the tech

“But the actor who almost steals the film is P.J. Ochlan.”

                                   ​- dvd journal

"The absurdly versatile P.J. Ochlan"

                                   ​- STAGE AND CINEMA

"One of my favorite characters…one of the real treasures in this film."

                                   ​- roger ebert

"...Memorably impersonated by P.J. Ochlan.”

                                   ​- variety

"P.J. Ochlan - he's a wonderful actor."

                                   ​- jodie foster

"P.J. Ochlan excels in several roles, and as J. Robert Oppenheimer he earns mid-show applause for his deft and moving delivery of a monologue that is the best scene in the entire play."

                                   ​- LAIST


                                   ​- gene siskel

“Supporting character handily portrayed by P.J. Ochlan …Ochlan enlivens the film's second act with his acerbic portrayal.”

                                   ​- washington post

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